A long love story for the
champagne province

From Comte de Montagne birth to the present day, each man put effort in the quest for excellence always favoring the quality. This will to serve with love the Champagne has allowed the Revol family to grasp the quintessence of finesse and elegance to create a champagne very different from the others. Stéphane Revol is determined to pass on its tradition, that is unique in France and around the world, to future generations.


The owner, Stéphane Revol, driven by the wish to create a champagne very different from the others, coming from Aube, fully dedicates himself to his dream: to give back the coat of arms of yore to Côte des Bar: “Comte de Montaigne first of all is a territory, some grapes that some men have maintained for generations with passion and love”. Everyone thought that he couldn’t make it, instead, very quickly, his Cuvée brand has established itself in France and worldwide and the terroir of Côte des Bar has become a recognized and esteemed origin. An exceptional vision.

Comte de Montaigne is situated in Celles sur Ource, a little village inhabited by 300 people and with a distinctive story. After 1789, the lands of the monks throughout the Champagne province were assigned to those who took care of them with a daily commitment. Most people with the first industrial revolution decided to sell the lands, to go to work to state railway except in Celles sur Ource. In fact, nowadays this is the village of the Champagne province with more wine growers than inhabitants.

Passion and care allow Comte de Montaigne to suggest cuvées produced with skilful dosages which give a light effervescence, a real minerality and pure aromas.


Wines and literature: a close couple for ages. The name Montaigne recalls this ancient common thread, paying tribute to Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), a writer, thinker and humanist who put the same passion, that nowadays characterizes the Revol family and its cuvées, in everything he did.


La Maison

Comte de Montaigne

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