This the first stage in the creation of the Comte de Montaigne champagnes. A hard work, made with a lot of passion. The grape harvest of Comte de Montaigne is considered as a real party, where everybody participates proudly et where each action is made with care and a lot of love.

Each bunch, each grape that is selected will become a great champagne.

The vast majority of Pinot noir grapes and the Chardonnay grapes are selected carefully, only choosing the grapes that have reached the correct ripening and then they are gently pressed, trying to maintain the entirety of the grapes as much as possible.

The tasting of the grapes is essential to control the ripening.

The right moment for the harvest is decided by internal analysis, respecting the legal dates fixed by the procedural guideline. In this way, each plot is harvested in a strict order. Some plots, for us more representative, are analysed weekly for a month, to follow its evolution and ripening.

Each bunch is harvested and put in a bucket, removing the unsuitable ones. Each row is harvested by two people facing each other. Once the buckets are full, they are emptied out in low cases, with a volume of less than 50 kg. This procedure is done to avoid the crushing of bunches. Finally, the cases are loaded into trucks, to be brought towards the pressing centre.

Team work made with heart is essential for Comte de Montaigne.

Comte de Montaigne

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