Comte de Montaigne is passion, emotion, fervour, closeness, joie de vivre. Unique characteristics that only an out of ordinary champagne can have. Everything is different compared to ordinary champagnes: its origin, its vineyards, the land where it grows, the production which follows a unique tradition.


Special as the people who put effort, capability and a lot of heart in everything they do.

Comte de Montaigne is sought-after by those who look for authentic flavours, by those who believe in genuine values, by those who refuse the ostentatious luxury.

The leaf of its main vine variety, the Pinot noir, is a trademark of the champagne that has a heart.


Comte de Montaigne is dedicated to those who believe in friendship, to those who know that each moment, even the most intimate one, can be a moment of celebration.

Comte de Montaigne

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