If you look at the map of France, just on the heart there is Aube, a unique territory for art, culture, history, and nature and for its vineyards which alternate with woods that have an essential thermoregulatory purpose. A beautiful territory, full of hills, plains, rivers and lakes, where the art is surprising.

You can understand the beauty of this territory also looking at a detail of a house in Colombage or in Pans De Bois in Troyes, the capital of Aube. So for this department the uniqueness is an essential value. In the past, the houses were built with beam which constituted the structure of a wall, this was filled up with straw, clay and plaster. The plaster is still used in the creation of Comte de Montaigne champagnes through their minerality that makes them unique.

Troyes is a city which is wonderful in every road and square, it is full of beauty proofs like the cathedral of the Saints Peter and Paul and the church of Saint Urban.

The glass window of the Church of Saint Magdalene is where the first vine of Char-donnay is depicted, brought in France after the Crusades in the 12th century and planted in Côte des Bar. So the first vine of Chardonnay was planted in the Champagne province.

The heart of Troyes, with is Medieval roads, has the exact shape of a champagne cork.

Troyes is 150 km far from Paris, has a Roman origin and during the centuries was very important because it was at the centre of many means of communications.


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